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December 24, 2017


Scott A. Coleman

I just wanted to thank you, belatedly, for another Unpopular Advent. To be honest, I almost forgot about it this year. Although I used to read your writing in Tangents incessantly and followed you here for the last decade, life has gotten busy and there is only so much music, film, television and literature one can consume. It hit me, last week, however, that I better see what was about this past year. And then go back and re-read for the umpteenth time the prior years of Unpopular Advent and pull out albums like Legends of Country that I probably would never have discovered without an Unpopular Advent. Thank you for 20 years of tips and guidance through the chaos of pop music. Your ears, your instincts, your writing and sensibility are appreciated.


Thank you so much for this comment Scott. It is heartening indeed to know the words and music are appreciated! Hope you have discovered a few gems from the 2018 advent to add to your collection. Hard to believe it's been over twenty years now since Tangents started (and over ten since it ended). Where does the time go?! Let's hope we're still here in another twenty!

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