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December 18, 2016



As ever, lots that resonated with me here. Well done on making it (more or less) to the end of your fifty-fiftying, it's been no small feat.

Belatedly, re your entry for 2010, yes, it is something of a shame, but - as you are all too well aware - life and art and technology move on. I like to think that creative flipsides will out, regardless of form / format.

Merry Christmas, me old mucker!


Belated thanks for this comment Dan! Really pleased to be done with the series, but quietly proud of completing it. No plans for a 2017 project at the moment, though I have started editing the 50/50 articles into an eBook format. Might also try writing some fiction this year... All the best for 2017 to you and yours.

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