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February 21, 2016



I'll second the importance of those This Mortal Coil covers for turning people on to Big Star, Tim Buckley too. R.E.M. went on about Big Star quite a bit as well back in the day. I enjoyed what you wrote about the Donald Judd sculpture as it got me to consider something I would usually dismiss out of hand. Tranced out on that depth or no depth red. Nice job!


Well, if you find yourself digging Donald Judd you've got the Judd Foundation on your doorstep in Marfa, Texas... okay, a six and a half hour drive away :) I'm assuming here that you're still in Austin of course. Yeah, I did forget that R.E.M. bigged up Big Star too. R.E.M. don't get enough credit generally I think. I guess this happens when artists get successful. I should certainly find time for an R.E.M. number later in this series.


I've never been to Marfa, I should try to make it out that way one day. Texas is a big place, filled with a lot of idiots and guns! Nah, there's some good people here as well, actually some of the idiots aren't bad people either, just ignorant or politically naive. I'm still stuck in Austin, my ambition is to one day leave Texas. I like French and Spanish girls, maybe I can get over there to Europe one day.

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