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January 24, 2016



God I love the Byrds! One of the many things that amazes me about them is how they went from strength to strength despite losing what seemed like irreplaceable members, like Gene Clark. Also their interpretative abilities were so uncanny- Goin Back, Turn Turn Turn, Wild Mountain Thyme, etc. That must have been a moving moment at your Dad's funeral, a lovely tribute to him. Their music has a religious or if one prefers spiritual quality that is unlike any other band I can recall. Part of it I know is harmony, an element that has almost altogether disappeared from pop/rock. I look forward to the next year! What collections would you recommend by Ian Berry?


Thanks William, knew you would like this one. Your point about the spiritual quality of their work is well made and spot on. Yeah, whatever happened to great harmonies? I loved the post you made recently with those clips of The Byrds on the Playboy TV show. Bizarre, and brilliant. Sadly there seems to be no print collection of Berry's photos from Prague, at least not that I know of. His collection of photographs from South Africa under apartheid is stunning, however, and well worth tracking down. His 'The English' collection is out of print and quite collectable, so if you ever see a copy it might be worth picking up :)

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