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December 25, 2015



Tussled with this I have Alistair (ok, so he was 'missing' in the latest Star Wars but..). Like you I had a curious desire to re-visit Bruce having given up/been repulsed by/ bored by previous outings. I bought and loved his first album but by The River a permafrost of indifference (at best !) possessed me. (I admit a grudging liking for Candy's Room, which I'm moderately embarrassed to reveal) but to me he always seemed to operate within a predictably narrow band with endless retreads of the same themes.
But I too went back. Possibly the 40th anniversary thread (terrifying isn't it). But there wasn't a 'click' But 'Get Happy' (same year as River) still enthralls.
So, in your role as eminent rock and roll doctor Alistair, should I try more medicine or accept that I'm immune? Oh, and Black Sea (same year again, still fresh.
And thanks for a brilliant, entertaining and idiosyncratic Advent-ure! Loved the tracks. and on to 2016.


But don't lots of artists operate within a narrow band? I always thinks it's strange that people often throw this in as a criticism for musical artists, when the same thing is seen as a positive within, say, painters. It's not a criticism of people who say such things, incidentally, just an observation :)
I think accepting immunity and getting on with digging what you know you dig is just fine. I mean, I hope to goodness no-one is waiting expectantly for the Unpopular blog post on admitting how wrong I've been with The Beatles.
Oh look, hell has a bit of a frost going on there...
With you on Black Sea, totally, less so on Get Happy. Costello was a great singles artist, though.
Glad you enjoyed the advent series. I really (eventually!) enjoyed writing it. Hope there were some treasures that you uncovered. 2016 eh? I've set myself a silent challenge to include a Springsteen track on every mix in the year ahead.... You'll enjoy that :)

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