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August 25, 2015



Love the great Gary Usher track and Ultimate Paintings (your second foray - and a lovely album) - but I have to say there's a hint of Lennon on break the chain? And 'Maybe baby'...Buddy Holly goes Fountains of Wayne! A most enjoyable selection again.One day everybody will realise the genius of Michael Head .


One rather suspects that everybody who is minded to recognise the genius of Michael Head has already done so, and those who do not are merely not worth thinking about :) And thanks for the heads up about the Gary Usher set - it is indeed terrific. Yes, I was aware of a Beatles' influence to the Ultimate Paintings track, but it is clearly a vast improvement merely by not actually *being* The Beatles ;) Another mix will be along soon incidentally, as I endeavour to return to an early and mid-month schedule. And although I always think this when I first assemble my mixes, I think the first one for September is a killer.

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