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April 22, 2015



Hmmm...just what is happening in Devon? Is the land gently buckling as Spring warms up? Alistair appears to be cycling the same route but the data seems strange? The altitude varies from 124m to 77m - maybe the same route in difeerent directions- ahh- that must be it.
But hang on a mo'- the distances vary as well (on what seems to be the same route - to work and back I guess)- perhaps a swerve to avoid 2 buses?
Or is this just a technical blip? Has anyone else noticed or is it just me?


I don't think anyone else looks at the data Rob. See, that's what years of being in education does for you ;) The distance variation is caused more by when I actually press the start and stop buttons on the Garmin. I'm not so much on the spectrum that I need to hit it at exactly the same point every day. Plus swerving to avoid the buses, as you say...


...meanwhile, on the spectrum...(reluctantly peels off anorak)...and on a more serious note, I love the daily ride ( you don't say how competetive you are - I'd drive myself frantic re PBs ( though, with age comes less/acceptance/ injuries!)
Hope you enjoyed my little foray in to dataswamp- perhaps I'm hard wired in? Sad or what?
But delighted to note (see above) how 'technology tells lies'.
And enjoying the latest mix - and, recently, Benjamin Clementine ( an intereting one-off if ever there was one)

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