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December 01, 2014



At the risk of being seasonal (as if..) this latest crop is something of a cracker full of the familiar and the unheard. Curiosity aroused yet again and many thanks Alistair! One small point...nice to hear an unknown Chad and Jeremy but the echoes of McCartney seem unmistakeable - could this be the sign of something (ha) ?


Thanks Rob. Yes, I know of your general antipathy towards Chad & Jeremy but 'The Ark' is really not what one might expect, is it? It is a terrific album. Not sure about the McCartney echoes... it feels more infused with the soft-pop baroque of West Coast groups like Millennium and that ilk, which is perhaps why I like it so much! And yes, I will concede that those West Coast groups were enormously influenced by The B******. They just sounded a million times better :)

Beth Arzy

I LOVE Chad & Jeremy. I'm not ashamed. LOVE I say.

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