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October 22, 2012



Your second bullet point reminds me of something Malcolm Tucker said in last week's 'Thick of It', the enquiry episode, along the lines of 'If you're in this room, you've bent the rules'.


That's a good line, isn't it? I do wonder if you could apply it to a team meeting on the Sky team bus...


Nice post Alistair - your final point is crucial - Nike spring to mind..And there is a very long list under your penultimate bullet - Maradonna/Jonson/any East German athlete in the 70s/Marion Jones....on and on!
But what a fantastic clip ( which I'd never seen) . Amazing footage with (at around 45 secs) Magni with a rope in his teeth - I'm presuming this is the time when , having broken his collar bone (in the Giro?) he used the rope to give him power as he was one- handed - legendary stuff I'd only read about! And what a collection of trophies!Really enjoyed this even with the braying of Bruce in the background!


Of course the post was really just an excuse for posting the video...

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