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May 05, 2012


Tyler! Where can I order this?


try here:


Agreed - his finest hour! 'Junk Culture' in particular still sounds great. I can't say I 've really heard much of 'I am Kloot' but suspect I'm not missing much?


I enjoyed the first I Am Kloot album. In fact it seems I thought that "Natural History is a great record. It's an accomplished English take on contemporary country/rural rock that nods at itself in so many places; there are echoes of the Lilac Time, of the Kinks, of The Claim and of their copyists Blur circa Modern Life Is Rubbish..." Might be worth revisiting then.

I struggled to connect with much after that though.


Cheers, will give that a listen. Talking of Damo, some of 'Dr Dee' sounds great, at least to these ears. No lines to match 'Early mornings are losing their appeal' though.


Thanks, Alistair...just checking our Unpopular (after so long) and I didn't even know this was re-released...ordered today (1:20 for music...who would have thought!) cheers!

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