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April 24, 2012



Thanks Alistair, I've been enjoying these mixes! And it's nice to see Fool to Cry on this one - Black & Blue used to be my least favorite 70's Stones album, but I've been digging it recently. The songwriting on that record is a bit slack overall, but there's a great mood to it, very groove oriented with obvious disco, funk (and even jazz) influences and the recording itself sounds amazing on vinyl (pretty sure it was mastered at Sterling Sound). Probably the best recording of the Stones, in technical terms. Nice cover as well.


Very nice collection Alistair and , back to a previous post, of course ABBA are terrific and hindsight has added a convincing gloss to the degree of detail they packed into each 'hit'. Plus, of course, as Paddy Mc of Prefab confessed, there was always the 'Ice Maiden' as well.
A Rubettes track which isn't dross; Boston Tea Party which I'd completely forgotten ( why haven't the Republicans latched on to this one?); an extended disco mix of Love Hangover ( the single is only 3 minutes plus); Harvest for the world (of which I've never tired) and War (mind you their 1976 'Summer' tops the straight funk of this one for me - wonder if it was a double sider)+ the other tracks = joy
I've had the same problem as Oliver regarding the link but many thanks and can't wait for the rest!


Glad you've been enjoying this chaps. William, I admit I have not instigated the full Stones album, but have been seriously delighted by the disco undertones of the single. Rob, you know there are several fine Rubettes tracks! I think a Rubettes single may have been the first record I ever bought...

Oh, and the download link for the first mix should be fixed now.


'Sugar baby love' sold over 2 million in France - I rest my case! Mind you, the image of a 10 year old Alistair clutching a Rubettes single did warm my heart but I was too busy moaning at my daughter for raving about them instead of the Pistols so I guess it's a case of too many years...oh well!
The new links work and - as ever - a stimulating selection of memory tuggers and a couple which had exited the memory bank. Great stuff! and what an interesting year.

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