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March 06, 2012



Oooh, there's really something quite wonderful about these version of 'Middle distance runner' that's missing from the official recording. Damn early B&S magic, it still gets me from time to time, like nothing else.

Joel Dantas

hi, your blog is great, and is fantastis to listen to this selection of demos
from one of my favourite bands, is any chance form you to share the rest of those demos,
that will be truly great.


Looking at the track listing and bringing my admittedly fading memory to bear, I recall that the other recordings were actually ones that formed the '3,6,9 Seconds of Light' and 'Lazy Line Painter Jane' EPs. Hence they are no longer rarities! At the time I got the tape though neither of those records had been released, so I guess I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview. If i ever get another tape deck and play the tape again and discover that they are in fact demos I will let you know :)


Oh, and Dimitra, yes, totally agree about the Middle Distance Runner versions. I recall being utterly deflated when I heard the version that was finally released. It still sounds flat and lacking compared to these ones I feel.

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