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January 29, 2012



It's the same Hugh Barker.
I hadn't seen that video either. Thanks!

Hi Alistair,

Yes, the same person. To be fair that "hedge fanatic" line is the product of a PR blurb writer, the book is a more of a historical ramble with stuff about enclosures, the Diggers, clearance of the wildwood, property rights as well as some fluffier stuff about hedgelaying, topiary and hedge disputes.




Thanks Hugh (and Toby!). I was fairly sure it was the same person :) Thoroughly enjoyed Faking It. I think it is an essential music text. I mentioned it on Twitter last week at an education technology/disruption conference in response to someone making some comments about striving for authentic experiences, so, you know, the theories certainly cross over I think. Looking forward to the hedgerow book. I like a bit of a historical ramble. Thoroughly enjoyed a book about the English village last month - I'm sure yours will be similarly diverting and illuminating.

Also, are there any more Animals That Swim recordings to share with us? Loved the two songs you out out last year.

Thanks Alistair, not many people read it, but nice when it is appreciated. This one hopefully might find a slightly broader audience.

There are plans to do a couple of songs in the spring; we're not going at breakneck speed on this "album" I know, but we're all busy and it's probably more fun for us if it is an occasional thing.

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