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September 29, 2011



Undoubtely aiming for record of the year 2011. The Danny Lion images reminds me the pictures in Pale Fountains' Jeans Not Happening 12" and others from the same era, do you know who was the photographer?


I don't know who the photographer on the Jean's Not Happening sleeve was, but it is indeed redolent of Lyon's images. The photograph on the cover of 'Pacific Street' was of course by Mario De Biasi, but I don't think the 'Jean's' sleeve was one of his. That's a nice connection from Pale Fountains to A Classic Education - one I'm sure they'd be happy to have made.


Sure! The Unless 7" is another cover image that always catched my eye and made me wonder who the photographer was. And switching from photography to graphic design, also asked who made the fantastic cover artwork of "…From Across The Kitchen Table"

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