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May 03, 2011


Keir Hardie

Thirty one years ago - just before The Flowers Of Romance, which Box Hill always makes me think of.


Pimple it may be, but it's still something of an icon for cyclists which has to be 'done'. As for Devon, I recall an article which asserted that the county had the lowest ratio of cyclists in the country - a 'record' which it attributed to the many, many hills (somewhere like Norfolk had the highest cyclist count, of course). I can attest to the severity of hills on the eastern fringe of Devon - not to mention Exmoor - but I'm not complaining. Hills are fun as well as a challenge!

Kevin P

I was sure this was all leading to a Ben Watt song, you tease!

Alistair Fitchett

Kevin, it was playing in my head, I promise you!

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