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March 15, 2011




Steven T&F

It's Magnus Backstedt, innit!

How's the Maglia Rosa book?

Alistair Fitchett

Heh heh, I of course would opt for a loose Swede any time... And yes, Steven, i immediately thought of Big Magnus when I saw the sign. His coffee is ace by the way, as is Herbie's book. It's absolutely delicious. Part of me is already regretting not finding the hundred quid or so to get the limited edition with the Giro winner signatories. The rational part of me however heaves a sigh of relief...

Steven T&F

I keep thinking we should order some of his coffee. Thanks for the tip.

I decided I'll wait until the end of the month for the Sykes book. We're concentrating on the spring classics in our house at the moment so I'll save stage racing for May. Until then it's Belgian beers and coffee table books filled with shots of pain and suffering on the cobbles. Oh, and perhaps a showing of A Sunday in Hell to get in the mood for the weekend!

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