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February 26, 2011



Sorry to hear it. Found some great music through your posts. Thank you.


It seems unwise on their part. I agree with your analysis that your encouragement has been good for the bands, rather than detracting from their success.

I find it sad that this is being done to the website on which you have expended so much hard work over a long period.


Having looked through the site and seen what's been removed: It is odd, this, in that I can understand the Rolling Stones or Guns & Roses demanding that bloggers don't share their work - but I can't understand it from most of the names I see on your compilations, of whom I've generally heard and who I can't imagine make money from music. I would have imagined that such people would be glad to appear on such a compilation here, just for the sake of it.

Maybe it's time to start posting home-made sounds that nobody can say are illegal - I'll send you some if you like ...

alistair fitchett

Rob, glad to have helped you find some music - good to know one's efforts are appreciated! Joe, the interesting thing is that I could post your songs and I'd still be in trouble because I don't legally own the copyright, therefore in the eyes of the law I would be breaking the agreement with the company that owns the webspace on which the file would be held... This is effectively the situation I'm now in. I either remove files that I do not own copyright on, or my account is deleted and all my files are lost. This would be regardless of whether the copyright owners might actually be okay with my sharing their work. Of course I could move all the files to a different file-hosting company, but quite frankly that's a pain in the ass and The Man would only catch up in the end and it would start all over again.

So maybe I'll just go offline for a while. Read books, ride my bike and maybe write some words that have nothing to do with music at all.


Kafka springs to mind here. One can see the value of copyright and heartily support shutting down the sites which relentlessly rip off artists as soon as their music is released (or even before it is!), but hounding enthusiasts who highlight favourite/new/interesting/innovative or just plain idiosyncratic music seems counter productive. I've bought albums because a track has hit me. I've disagreed violently with some choices/ opinions (but isn't that a good thing?). The creative themes/links across a compilation have intrigued and stimulated my own 'compilations'. I could go on. You get the idea. But I will miss the chance to explore sounds and the views of a real lover of just about all kinds of music. You will keep on cycling and reading anyway - I find it hard to think that not writing about music at all will be possible - just harder to enjoy.
And a copy of one of my themed compilations will wing is way - by good old Royal mail- in the very near future as some sort of recompense.


Devastated at the news. You've been my number one source for great music for a long while and I have appreciated the insights that often accompany the always well crafted playlists. I for one have bought music after hearing it here first and feel like a door is closing on a lot more music lacking only in exposure. May I suggest a mailing of some sort to those interested in hearing more? Perhaps a privately shared link? At the very least I hope you take the time to share with us (if only in writing) what you're listening to, reading and looking at. Many thanks for all the hours so generously spent!


I like Robert's suggestion about a private mailing - save that one had better only whisper about this, or they'll shut that down too.

Duke, I'm baffled at the idea that if I sent you an mp3 of a song of mine that I'd just recorded at home, you wouldn't legally be allowed to upload it. That's truly incomprehensible to me.

Jackson Priest

Oh, I thought it must be the BPMA or whatever it's called, but it's the scaredy-cat suits at the storage place. Huh. As ridiculous as this whole thing is, your words won't be of any less value because they're not accompanied by sounds. I don't recall Tangents having mp3s accompany its every article, but the writing was still sufficient to send me scurrying out to record shops or, er, (more likely) to a website where I could purchase said sounds. I even had to go to Tower Records once (Rascals - Peaceful World.) Ugh. I think you appreciate something more if you have to make more effort to get it, and it's not like everything's not 2 mouse clicks away anyway. So don't stop the musical writing please.

As you were!

steven o'donnell

Gobsmacked... just wanted to echo the sentiments of previous posters, really - trying to recall now the artists i almost certainly would never have got to hear about without your blog but can't imagine not having in my life (smoosh, frida hyvnonen, the monochrome set, montt mardie, luxembourg, northern portait to name but a few).

so here's one for you: this band were on shinkansen records in the late 90s, and are still going, albeit just Carl on his own these days.
A word of warning, though: prepare to have your mind blown away by sheer POP! I swear to God in an alternate universe this guy is on the Radio 1 drive time playlist.

steven o'donnell

oh and i know the website in the above link has become something of a dirty word over the last couple of years, but please don't let that put you off. failing that they're here as well:

alistair fitchett

Thanks for the Tompot Blenny tip Steven, listening to them now and I am picking up an echo of Kitchens Of Distinction, which is always a positive in my book. For some reason they passed me by entirely in the Shinkansen days.

alistair fitchett

If any of you who have commented here would like to join my 'secret mix society' just drop me an email on the blog at unpopular-culture dot com address and I'll add you to my mailing list :)

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