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February 13, 2011



Duke, I have one song by this band, apparently called 'Phillip'. I quite like something in the fast texture of the guitars and the energy of the drums - do these do it for you? And I like some of the musical movements - well, the chorus, I suppose.

I'm not so sure about the singer - can't tell what she's singing about, except that she seems to use the word 'darling' a lot. She reminds me somewhat of Katie Jane Garside.

I do quite like this track but I might prefer it as an instrumental.

Is the one that you mention above similar?

alistair fitchett

I can heartily recommend the 'Any Other City' album (from which 'Phillip' indeed comes) - one of my favourite records. I think Sue Tompkins vocals are wonderful and the freeform lyrics are magical. That might just be me though...


Where is The Cavern - I'm just wondering, is it the place round the corner from the Phoenix that you said had been taken over by heavy metal ... or was it Goths?

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