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February 06, 2011


Tim Footman

More circularity... now I know where you found that Bobby G pic you used for my Tangents article. Sometime I wish I’d kept a proper diary but mostly I’m glad not.

Phil Wilson

I remember it well! I told Alan McGee I thought the Primals were a bit wimpy that night. He told me that Big Jim Beattie would "smash ma heed" in if I told him ;-)

Kevin P

I remember it very well too. Felt pretty cool to have a song dedicated to you. Though I upset Bobby when I saw him at a Happy Mondays gig a few days later by saying I thought the Primals show was too rock 'n' roll. Circularity indeed - I know where you got the Primals photo from on the preceding entry - tsk tsk. Hadn't heard All Fall Down in years, and had almost forgotten I was there when Bobby recorded the vocals for it. Now that is a memory to cherish.

alistair fitchett

Thanks Kevin, it's too great a photo to not use and share! That's a memory to cherish indeed...

I have some *very* erratic diaries from a few years in the mid to late '80s but it is almost physically painful to look at them. I wonder how i would feel looking back on blog entries from however many years ago *fights temptation to do just that*.

Kevin P

Do you know the odd thing is I have absolutely no recollection of Loop paying that night. I do however have a vague recollection of Paul Harte (ex-Primals) doing a few songs right at the start of the evening, under some strange pseudonym (Stardust Cowboy or something). Remember Phil's set as being very good.

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