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January 08, 2011



I love them too! I love the way they seem to have programmed mistakes in to the drum machine - the way the songs stumble and bumble and, yes, there's a bit of (Rowche) rumble in there somewhere if you listen very carefully; I love the fact that they remind me of Bubblegum Splash and the first Sundays* single and just how much I can love music above everything else at times - that doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I let go and let it happen.

*If those influences sound too drippy, then Dancing Shoes off of Introducing... could have come straight of off Revenge Of The Killer Pussycats.

So, to sum up: The Notes are great!

alistair fitchett

Andrew, spot on about the (Rowche) rumble! And what you say about the way in which music can apparently inexplicably bring on that surge of love is also exactly right. Just when you've heard innumerable dreary impostors and despair of ever getting that thrill again, it literally Pops up and hits you right between the eyes. Pow!

And I got my vinyl copy of 'Wishing Well' in the mail this morning. What a wonderful package! Pure Pop Art.

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