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January 23, 2011



Hey Alistair -

This is Steven who used to run Track & Field. I trust all is well. Good call on "The Eagle..." book. Herbie Sykes is awesome. I didn't know Rouleur were doing a Giro book so thanks for the heads up on that.

Anyway, "my point"... you MUST do a Giro playlist. At least two people in north London LOVED the posts on the Tour and Vuelta. So go for it :-)

And if you've anything to add on the Ronde or Roubaix then we'll be reading (or listening!).



alistair fitchett

Thanks Steven, good to know you enjoyed the Tour and Vuelta series. I shall certainly give the Giro some thought. I'm sure when it comes closer I'll be raring to go! Juts saw on Herbie Sykes' Twitter that he'd off around Italy getting as many Giro winners signatures for the limited edition of the book. Nice idea!


The signatures are a lovely idea. But I'd worry how much the ltd edition of the book would cost. Actually, I just looked and it's £140. I think I can stick with the regular edition, which looks great and I shall definitely buy it.

I also see that Rouleur have "found" copies of issue 1 for whch they're holding an auction. Auction aside, this is all starting to feel like hoovering up Stereolab records and merch!

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