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December 02, 2010



I type here for an easy read. Haven't heard all but surely most of them has been wrote about here. Great list though.

01. Ain't No Talkin'- The Pipettes
02. Ambling Alp- Yeasayer
03. Another Day- Marching Band
04. Anthem For Doomed Youth- The Indelicates
05. As The World Rises And Falls- The Clientele
06. Baby I'm An Existentialist- The Specific Hearts
07. The Back Of My Mind- Teenage Fanclub
08. Baltimore- Tennis
09. Bermuda- Kisses
10. Best Album- Vic Godard & The Subway Sect
11. Brave Words- Cinema Red And Blue
12. Bring Me The Head Of Deborah- The Girl With The Replaceable Head
13. Can We Do It?- British Sea Power
14. Coconut- Shampoo Neverever
15. Come On Sister- Belle And Sebastian
16. Cover The Walls- Internet Forever
17. Dagenham Ford- Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern
18. Daylight- Robert Scott
19. Days- Sambassadeur
20. Doot Doot (Til It Happens To You)- The Orchids
21. Dry Hump- Twin Sister
22. Elephant In The Room- Chris T-T
23. A Fairytale Ending- The Boy Least Likely To
24. The Fastest Planes- Paperfangs
25. Field- Mount Kimbie
26. Find Me Out- Rose Elinor Dougall
27. Finnerodja- Smoosh
28. Flood Of Fortune- The Granite Shore
29. Forever (Demis' Blues)- Clinic
30. Forgotten Books- The Ocean Tango
31. Get-To-Bed Birds- The Lucksmiths
32. Ghosts Before Breakfast- Shrag
33. Go Outside- Cults
34. Golden Age- Youthless
35. Green Sea Blue- The Painted Word
36. Here Come The Rubber Cops- The Sexual Objects
37. Hiding My Friends- Walls
38. Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds- The Russian Futurists
39. Holding Patterns- Tiny Fireflies
40. Hug The Harbour- Emma Pollock
41. I Like Bubblegum- The Hit Parade
42. I Own It- Phil Wilson
43. I'll Follow You- White Fence
44. Into Yr Mind- Young Hunting
45. Leave Me Be- Spectrals
46. Live In Dreams- Wild Nothing
47. Losing Sleep- Edwyn Collins
48. Love Doesn't Just Stop- Standard Fare
49. Love Vigilantes- Comet Gain
50. Monster- Fever Fever
51. Morning Light- Girls
52. My Life As A Dog In A Pigsty- The Bitter Springs
53. Mystery Of Life- Hellfire Sermons
54. Never Follow Suit- The Radio Dept
55. Oh! The Divorces- Tracey Thorn
56. Oil Painting- The Distractions
57. Old- The Claim
58. Paperweight- Summer Cats
59. Party Is Over- Snapline
60. Pop Is Falling Apart- The Social Icons
61. Privilege- CUFFS
62. Rainy Night- Keep Shelly In Athens
63. Real Life- Tanlines
64. Say No To Love- The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
65. Shake The Shackles- Crystal Slits
66. Society- DVAS
67. Some People- Northern Portrait
68. Something In The Way- Best Coast
69. Spell It Out- Mighty Clouds
70. Starry Eyes- Veronica Falls
71. Summer Love- The Notes
72. Sweden- David Cronenberg's Wife
73. Tallulah- Allo Darlin'
74. Time To Wait- The Lodger
75. Tom Tom- The Hundred In The Hands
76. Tropicales- Youth Sports
77. We Saw The Deep- ILIKETRAINS
78. We Won't Get Any Younger- Billie The Vision & The Dancers
79. What My Life Could Have Been- A Classic Education
80. You Be The Boy I'll Be The Girl- Stars Of Aviation
81. You Could Even Like Me- Silly Kissers
82. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night- Kid Canaveral
83. 1989- Jonathan Beckett


Blimey Arthit, that's a bit above and beyond the call of duty! This is my 'faves of 2010' as spread across five mix CDs. Though not in this alphabetical listing order :)

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