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November 16, 2010



Rejoice??? The B------ are now on iTunes...I bet you are delighted! Hmmm

alistair fitchett

I read that there was going to be "an exciting announcement" by Apple. You can imagine my bitter disappointment to discover it was just the news that an archaic, overrated bunch of musical imbeciles' work was going to clogging up yet more bandwidth by being flogged to either new generations of suckers or old generations who've already got the records but have forgotten how to get the record player to work... Plussing as which now I have to look at their horrific, smug beardy faces when the Apple home page opens in a browser. *shudders* Though to be fair it's really only Macca and Lennon who strike me as insufferably smug.


'An interesting announcement?'.....more like boring and totally irrelevant - and just who would download the stuff defeats me. The home page is even more horrific than usual. All in all an irritating and pointless exercise...but can you name the artists who still refuse to be iTuned?

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