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October 01, 2010



Mmmmm..just for a nano second I thought - from the cover - that this was going to be Alistair's seasonally-early Xmas special (the mind boggles)..then 'Is this the drug album?' (also 'boggling'). But no! The monthly adventure proceeds (my fingers were crossed as well)and it looks pretty damn good Glad to see Gram ; no Trembling blue stars -november starlings but my October 'slot' is very d'ya do it!
More great stuff and it looks like a bike ride is out today so, happy listening for me.

alistair fitchett

Not sure why the TBS track didn't make it in to the final selection. Clearly an oversight on my part! Hope you enjoy your day of listening :) Rain has cleared here and the wind is drying the roads, so it is possible I will get out for a spin this afternoon... I got the winter bike prepared yesterday in readiness. Just finished watching the Worlds on telly, so I'm feeling a wee bit inspired!

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