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September 29, 2010


Michael Horton

sadly, I had never heard of them. Nothing is a very, very good song. Thank you.

Spencer Jordan

They had 2 other singles (at least) and an LP on Davy Lamp in 1990 called 'Something's Wrong'. I used to follow them in the late 80's and saw their brilliant live show many times. They were even better live than on record. Their best single was 'Tattooed Legend'. 'Nothing' and 'Tattooed Legend' were both single of the week in Sounds when they were released (1988 & 1989)

I am currently in contact with their former guitarist Guy Hunt who lives in the USA now. He is an American, the rest of the band were from Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire. There is a video on Youtube of an entire gig they did at the Square in Harlow (me and my brother are in it amongst the stage divers!)

I have more info if you want it. You and Richey Edwards have very good taste!


thanks for the info Spencer, that's terrific! I'd love to hear the 'Tattooed Legend' single and the LP - do you have those? Just watched the 'sampler' of that Harlow show - looks terrific!

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