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June 25, 2010



Funny old world, Alistair...up an a totally godly hour;beautiful sunrise; tinkering the iTunes for a 'Summer comp. (see below) and look at 'unpopular' - meh! Look what you've been up to - too! Which German art movie is the still from? Great pic and judging by the tracklist the sun is going down! Can't wait to download.
meanwhile my seasonal tinkering began with a determined navigation close to the rocks of Tongueincheek (just off the coast of neverland) - ended up ditching swathes of dreck ending up with the following mix. Ok , so the beach Boys pop up yet again but I don't care - and itis both tongue in cheek and affectionately reverential.

In the meantime I'll take sunset as a replacement for July? August?....

Theme from 'A Summer Place'/Percy Faith
Summer People/The Webb Brothers
Summer Means Fun /Bruce & Terry
Your Summer Dream /The Beach Boys
A Summer Morning /The Feminine Complex
Hot Fun In The Summertime /Sly & The Family Stone
Wonderful Summer/Robin Ward
Summer Nights/Marianne Faithfull
All Summer Long/The Beach Boys
A Summer Song/Chad and Jeremy
Summer Breeze/Seals and Crofts
A hot summer day/It's A Beautiful Day
One Summer Night/TheDanleers
Lazy Summer Night/Claudine Longet
Summer Means New Love/The Beach Boys
Summertime Clothes/Animal Collective
Summer Samba (Somba De Verao)/Astrud Gilberto
The Door Into Summer/The Monkees
Groovy Summertime/The Love Generation
Summer Rain/Johnny Rivers
The Sweet Sounds Of Summer/The Shangri-Las
The Summer Wheel/Art Bears
Keep an Eye on Summer/The Beach Boys
Summer Seen/The High Llamas
Summer is Over/Dusty Springfield

alistair fitchett

thanks Rob, that looks like a sweet playlist you've got there :) As for the Sunset mix being a 'July/August' substitute, well, the good news is... well, just wait until July 1st ;) Also, i really ought to do a companion 'sunrise' mix, oughtn't I? To the mix-mobile...

Account Deleted

This question is probably answered somewhere but I'll put it the mixmaster: How do you import tracks (from this file for instance) in to iTunes and preserve the playlist order? Sounds simple enough but I can't for the life of me figure it out.

By the way, I appreciate the care taken in these mixes--the subtle connections between songs when listened in the correct order, like a word repeated or a similar sounding instrument or rhythm. Not to forget the intentional shifts in tone.

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