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May 08, 2010



-Oh ye of little faith...and I thought May was going to be an impossible challenge! Another smashing collection Alistair as the musical calendar unravels.

Steven O'Donnell

Ooof, I've heard of about 4 of these artists (i.e. the obvious ones...) looks like good news on the Animals That Swim front though


yes, super news about Animals That Swim :) I can't tell you how delighted i would be to have new ATS songs on my stereo. Anyway Stephen, hope the artists you've not heard of previously there give you some delight. And Rob, as mentioned briefly last night, June looks like being trickier... i might start combining months and do June/July, August/September, October/November mixes. December of course will be the festive mix. But let's not even THINK about that yet. Though it was cold enough on my ride to school this morning to think it was December. Grrr.


and June does look tricky! -I can offer June Night - Wynton Kelly - a fairly routine jazz track, leaving about 52 minutes to fill!! And some artists - June and the exit wounds;june christy - loads of songs not about June! - and obscure soul woman June Edwards. The iTunes june search throws up a few - you'll especially like the Jamiroquai offering!
Nancy Sinatra offers the classic 'June July and August' so a 3 for the price of one month could be 'on'
In the meantime,adore the Eggstone track - where did that come from (certainly a blindspot for me so thanks) and overall the collection just gets better.
'Hadestown' on its way...loving it more each play (well, 'loving it'isn't quite right for the Orpheus myth!)


I can lend you a few Junes you may not have if you're looking short; whether you'll like 'em is another matter. July looks a tall order even for a mix assembler of your talents...


Thanks for the offer Dan, if you want to send some choice June cuts over that would be lovely. I think i could run to a mix of about ten at the moment. As for July, well, we shall see...

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