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March 23, 2010



I found this on 12" a little while back, having no idea who or what it was. Looked like it had the potential of an obscure 80s pop gem. Had to say I was pretty disappointed. Sounds really dated, though there is a potential to be that gem I'd hoped for, it just doesn't have enough to rise out of the corny production (Paul Weller?).

Kevin P

Nice one Alistair. On a related Respond theme there is a rather lovely A Craze compilation out.


David - I hear what you say about the production, but i like to think of it as of its time rather than dates :) I suspect too that i find it difficult to listen objectively, and if i were coming to it blind, as it were, i may feel differently.

Kevin, thanks for the tip about the A Craze collection. Just grabbed it, and it sounds terrific. I've got some other Respond stuff coming to the blog soon...

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