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March 28, 2010



Great post as usual !
And yes, I was one of those typical boys too, making lists and charts of favourite songs.
And yes, these would have included that Carmel song too, and all of Care's singles (especially "these boyish days", I must have played that song a million times and never got tired of it ... and never will) ... and yes some Duran Duran and China Crisis songs too (the "working with fire and steel" album still sounds rather great to me, especially "here comes a raincloud" and "the soul awakening. Ooh, and the odd Thompson Twins song too (lol; I still like "kamikaze" from the "Quick Step and sidekick album", although I must admit the rot was already setting in then, with songs like "we are detectives").

Actually, are you sure you are not me in a parallel universe (hahaha).
Whenever you write about something, I think you are me (except for the cycling, that is).




Thanks Bart, it's always good to feel we have a doppelganger somewhere in the world :)

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