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March 31, 2010



Whatever happened to N.D. Moffat? I'd forgotten all about that song. Building On A Strong Foundation is a beauty too. Did you see Roque's recent interview with A Craze here . . .


I hadn't seen that interview, thanks for pointing me to it. No idea what became of N.D. Moffat. It's quite a strange and beguiling number, isn't it?

Nigel Moffatt

I would just like to reply by saying that I am Nigel Moffatt and I am still around - thank you for enquiring. Immediately after Peace Love And Harmony was released on the Love the Reason compilation my playwriting took off with plays being performed at the National Theatre, Royal Court, Birmingham Rep, BBC Radio and Channel 4, I also won various awards for my endeavours. The music suffered of course because I couldn't make headway in the business. But I have recently been drawn back into it recording The Reggae Album from home and I am now working on an acoustic album - more my forte - that I hope to have finished sometime next year (many of the tracks are still to be written). I have only just discovered these websites relating to Love The Reason and was surprised to find Peace Love And Harmony still being played and featured. I am humbled my the interested, whether small or big, because I really didn't think there was any out there, though I have always loved the track. My major regret is that I do not have a digital copy of it. Should anyone be interested there is more information on my website with links to my recent recordings. Peace!

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