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March 19, 2010



It was you who introduced me to Big Star, Alistair, so I'd like to say thanks.

While my cold adult self casually and easily shrugs off horrible news every day, I had a tear or two for a man I'd never known but was an intimate friend.

Thanks again.

Tim Footman

I preferred the Box Tops. Does that make me a bad person?

(Got a few music hacks on Facebook talking about the fact that Chilton wasn't a very nice chap. Ho-hum.)


Stephen - THAT Stephen? SubCulture Stephen? Hanging out in The Clubhouse Stephen? If so, uh, wow... get in touch with me on the blog email address man!

Tim - Much as i love Box Tops (and 'The Letter' is one of those damn songs that can make me break down and cry), the Big Star records have to trump them for me. That said, I am sorely tempted to join you in expressing a preference for the 'manufactured' Box Tops if only to piss off the bores who drone on about 'authenticity'.

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