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January 30, 2010



Ooops! The ACR track appears to be missing and you appear to have slipped in side an extra bonus of Biff Bang Pow!'s cover of Someone To Share My Life With. That's what happens when you leave McGee in charge of your MacBook I guess...

Been wondering about that Bee Gees track ever since that London Weekend reissue

Anyway, nice mix as ever!


Gosh Graham, you're up and at 'em early this morning :) Sorry about the lack of something dirty. I'll be sticking the ACR track up separately in a minute. As for the 'secret' track, hmmm, unfortunately it's too much of a hassle to repackage the relevant zips and upload them sans the ugly stench of the man from Del Monte... i mean the man from Creation... So i've just erased all mention from my blog. No that i'm petty or anything, just, well, fuck it...

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