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January 22, 2010



The acual line is 'On me your love falls as they say love should,like an enormous yes' jogged my mind and the pedant* in me had recourse to the complete poems, whereupon I 'lost' an hour or so! Quite worthwhile, despite Larkin being a miserable old sod who never 'got' Charlie Parker ( thus relegating him to a lower circle of musical hell) don't worry about the memory going (if indeed it is), its the outcome which counts!And does the addtional 'as they say love should' significantly alter the 'message'? Discuss.
* Not a 'learned literature academic' by the way!


Thanks Rob! I also have the complete poems somewhere on the shelves. Might be in the Garden Room now actually. It's a great poem. I remember it seeming so apt when I read it at 21 or so, after a particularly depressing Art School dance.

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