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July 19, 2009


Phil Wilson

Gloomy Sunday was definitely not written in London! It is and old and, supposedly, cursed song - linked to suicides and general misery.


Thanks for this Phil! At the risk of sounding like an uneducated oik (nothing surprising about that really) I will admit that I was not aware of 'Gloomy Sunday' from any source other than The Associates. And since I seldom bother looking at credits I'd just kind of assumed it was an original. As you do. As I do.

Google tells me it is Hungarian and that Billie Holiday recorded it. Now I like Holiday as much as the next person (not as much as i like holidays though) but hmmmm, I cannot say I am overly familiar with her recording. If at all. Does this make me a philistine?

Wikipedia also says that, erm, like a million other people have recorded versions. I havent knowingly heard any of them. Not even Sarah Brightman's. The curse didnt work on her, then...


re: Sarah Brightman. ...oh, didn't it?

Incidentally, I also thought that I was being harsh on Sulk, reading back. I think I partly changed my opinion last time it got reissued on CD. Or perhaps when I examined my fondness for Wild Beasts. Or perhaps because I haven't actually listened to The Associates for quite a while now and maybe the distance is making me fonder (although I can hear 'Party Fears Two' racing through my head right now, which is quite disorientating cos I'm actually listening to Flipper followed by the Mary Chain).

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