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June 28, 2009



size don't matter, i heard! ;D


did you know Giles Smith's book titled "Lost in Music" uses the tagline "a pop odyssey," also. just thought that it was interesting! if i can track down your book then i'll take a picture of both of 'em on my shelf ;)

Tim Footman

My copy's between Adorno and Foucault, but I don't have a camera handy.

Tim Footman

Duh, just realised the reason you're between Faulkner and Fitzgerald is that those books are in alph... Yeah, OK, my brain's stewing in the heat.

But a glance at my LibraryThing account suggests that, were I organised enough to arrange my books properly, yours would be sandwiched by a 1940s guidebook to Furness and Cartmel, by Hubert Clinton Knapp Fisher, and... The Great Gatsby.

Hee hee, this has given me an idea for my next book...


didn't realise there was another order than the alphabetical one people put books in.. clearly a work related braindamage.


David, thanks, yes i have seen that book but not read it. Is it any good? When was it first published? In other words, who ripped off who? ;)

Tim: being sandwiched betwixt Adorno and Foucault is a great honour. Some great thinkers. And me wittering on about Pop like a loon. And do tell what the idea for your next book is!

Ylwa, you need to get out more. The retail book trade has clearly turned you into a monster. And/or encouraged more OCD behaviour...

Tim Footman

More than an idea; due to hit shelves on Sept 10. Should be able to offer more info shortly.

And what exactly is wrong with wittering about pop like a loon? Entirely appropriate verb and simile, I'd say.


ooh, I'll look forward to that. It's not about education is it? ;) - i just wrote a hefty comment on your own blog just a moment ago. It would appear we may have been commenting on each other's at the same time :)

Tim Foot,man

Naah. But maybe you should; if schools won't do their own PR, you could fill the gap admirably I reckon.


I actually only got a copy of the book a little over a week ago. Over half way finished, and yes it's remarkably good and comforting to read, with many laughs along the way. First published in 1995. He was in the Cleaners From Venus for a while, a recent obsession of mine.

Where can I find a copy of your book?


Thanks Tim, yeah maybe one of these days I'll write something about education. I made a comment on ET's blog the other day comparing the qualities that he suggested as being crucial to the tastemaker critic to those of a good teacher. Maybe that's a way in... the tastemaker critic as educator :)

David, it would appear that I stole the 'pop odyssey' line in that case. Except i wasn't aware of Giles' book at the time, so just coincidence i guess. Of course if it had been published after mine that wouldn't have been the case ;) As for where you can snag a copy of mine, I'm not sure if its so easy to get a hold of, but I uploaded a PDF a while back that you can download here:

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