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April 26, 2009



Endured Twilight - my 'prize' for reprising my Taxi Driver role for daughter and friend - and nearly evicted from my cinema seat by her for transgressing the yellow/red card system she employs as a default mode for parental control - due to my grunted appraisals of the film. (Once given a red card for 'the way you walked into the tv room ' when Shameless credits came on-very proud of this particular award by the way!)
But a dreadful piece of dross which even said daughter badmitted was 'pretty lame'. Must catch Let the right one in - sounds as good as the reviews. In the meantime, looking forward to sinking my teeth into the vampire mix - Many thanks!

Jessel Baltazar

Bloody Amazing! :-)


Brilliant film, great mix!


I saw it last Friday and it's still stuck in my head. I also liked the heavy breathing dialogues of the two main characters too. Film Of the Year. Yes.

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