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April 14, 2009



Did you ever ride in races yourself? I gather the Girvan is quite a big race -- I had heard of Russel Downing before! -- that not every amateur can take part in, but perhaps you did race some smaller races? I always imagined it to be dead scary; if I were a cyclist, I'd try to be in every breakaway, just to avoid being in the bunch. (But I'm sure I'd be dropped really fast.)


I did do some racing, but I was never very good. I've never been what you might call a natural athlete ;) I also never really trained properly when I was younger - I'm sure that I ride a load more now than I ever did when I was in a club. Mostly I rode time trials, with a few road races, and it was pretty much just as a Junior, so from 16 to 18. By the time I got to 18/19 there were other attractions that tempted me away from the bike... I've not been riding in a bunch for probably 24 years now, which is a bit scary, and I'm a little nervous about starting the Dartmoor Sportive in June. I'm already wondering if the 100 mile route is being just a touch adventurous... Still, i've got two months or so to get some decent training rides in.


Have you been to the Smithfield Nocturne? I've found that quite good over the last few years, I'm even trailing after the boyfriend to go to the new Edinburgh Nocturne this year.

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