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April 14, 2009



Weird. I was driving to that self same crit of which you write above on saturday, and got onto the coast road when that self same rock loomed up out of the sea at me. I wondered what it was, but forgot to ask anyone when I was there.


Speaking of crits, there's a Tour Series round in Exeter on the 28th of May - details here:


ooh, that's a spooky coincidence! And glad that you now know what the funny blob of an island was in the middle of the sea :) I hope you stopped for chips somewhere in Girvan. That used to be one of the highlights of the evening - the chip shop stop on the way home!

Thanks for the reminder about the Exeter round of the crit series. It's in my iCal! I'm really intrigued to see what the circuit is going to be, because every time I try to imagine what it might be I get stumped!


circuit map here:

There was a huge queue at the chip shop - must have been Troon Velo. I regretted not getting in said queue because there was nothing for miles and miles and miles after that...

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