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February 24, 2009



For some reason, I am much more suprised that you would admit to this one than U2 or Simple Minds. Probably because your writing always seems to be about connections, and The Smiths were all about dead ends - which need love too, sometimes. If not quite the degree of encouragement that most of the rest of Morrissey's output has given.


There's something about this record, that makes it really stand out from their other albums, part of it might be that they hadn't yet become the Morrissey show it feels more like a group and there's a darker and more ambiguous tone to the lyrics, music, and production, right on through to the cover with the tinted still from Flesh. The organ and piano overdubs have something to do with its appeal for me as well. One of my favorite moments is that little descending piano flourish in Reel Around the Fountain after the line "you can pin and mount me like a butterfly".

I had some peers when i was a teenager who i guess would now be considered "goth" (though i don't remember the term at the time) -black clothes, the hair sticking up (a la nick cave or robert smith) etc. i liked how the smiths style of dress early on, which seemed an interesting mix of 60's and 50's (turtlenecks, jeans, quiffs, the odd beads and paisley, penny loafers) was both way more subtle and somehow more obtainable and comfortable for a suburban clean cut kid, like myself.

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