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January 24, 2009



I trust it was red wine Alistair - anyway it was inspirational and a great mix of the vaguely familiar and the revealatory - I'm certainly going to investigate the Nick Garrie, The Bill Cowsill track sounds susiciouly like a Poco outtake - and none the worse for that. And the End,,I think Bill Wyman produced this - my vinyl 'went' ages ago.By the way, I've not forgotten the tracks promised and now that a rotten bout of Australian flu is receding they'll be on their way. Meanwhile, back to wallowing in your latest Epistle to the Sixties...


Glad you've been enjoying the mix Rob. Yes, the Nick Garrie record is well worth hearing. I can make you a copy if you like - or it is freely available on Amazon and well worth purchasing. I've just ordered 'the lost songs' collection and look forward to hearing that! And yes, The End record was produced by Wyman. Very good too. I picked that up last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad you are over the flu - hopefully back on the bike soon?!


struggled to the gym yesterday.....ugh

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