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October 07, 2008


Tim B.

Nice work. Its strange, to me at least, to see a British school use the term "high school."


Oh, wow, I need to make one of those too, now I know who I will direct all annoying my questions to! Cool!

(Not really, and this definitely isn't the right comment to leave on the blog of somebody who is very busy, but I couldn't help it.)


I've seen loads of these (not always willingly!) - and this is really good. It's clear, well laid out and informative -and the language strightforward and not patronising (believe me, some really get this wrong).The pics capture a very positive image/ethos which seems to permeate the school. You should be proud of this and I know how much time and careful thought a good 'product' takes. I took one institution to task because it included a pic which suggested that the school had it's own chapel!! - they tried to wriggle...all to do with Carol services and Harvest Festivals - so a million miles from this.


Thanks for the very kind words Rob. Much appreciated. And yes, Tim, i guess a lot of people think of 'high school' as a very American term, but there are quite a few around the UK these days. I think ours was previously just known as 'Tiverton School' until around the time i started there 16 or so years ago (erk!).


A school I attended in L'pool could have been a high school as most of the students (and staff) appeared to be!

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