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July 12, 2008



in a world of lost treasures my hurrah! live tape still hurts. the idea of this lp was a fantastic one but the sound was dire and somehow just didn't capture what seeing a group i went to some of the direst places for was like. only a handful of the recorded stuff did. i don't know what it was but it was mighty special. ta ever so for this anyway - it's the nearest we've got


doesn't seem to work i'm afraid. and btw, i think Tell God I'm Here was reissued in Japan last year, with some b-sides added as well.


I've just tried the link and it started downloading right away. Anyone else had problems? And yeah, I just had a look on Amazon, and right enough, there's the Japanese import. Looks like an 'expanded' version 2 disc set is lined up for a UK release too. Nice one.


sorry, it seems alright now. looking forward to a hurrah! double-disc! hope it'll have all the singles too, it's ridiculous how hard it is to find a copy of the rev-ola compilation (or the japanese version of it)...


considering the dated production, i like the person saying "even today this music sounds fresh and invigorating" in an amazon review!

any info on the uk release somewhere? i always like the b-side to "if love could kill" - "tell me about your problems"... that was the first hurrah! single i got.


Thanks a lot for this. Hip Hip Hurrah for Alistair!
I agree, tell me about your problems is one of my faves aswell, but then, there were so many others.
Anyway, good to hear your radio-show went better than mine.
All the best,


listening to 'tell god i'm here' after more than decade of not, i am gobsmacked that it was maligned by so many. it was the only recorded output that i owned prior to discovering this blogpost. hence for me it was what Hurrah! was all about. i knew no better but i still maintain that it is a thing of beauty. way ahead of most of everything that was passed off as indie rock at the time.


Listening to it again now I am largely in agreement, and can easily see how without any awareness of the pre-Arista Hurrah! it might have seemed so much better at the time. In hindsight too I wonder if it might have made a difference if everyone had got behind the record instead of being bitter about the Rock thing... probably not, and irrelevant too for all of that was about the context of the times, and is a complex puzzle that would take a lot of unpacking. But yes, as I say, listened too now without any of that context to get in the way, it does sound rather ravishing. That said, i still think the versions of some of the songs that can be found on The Sound Of Philadelphia were superior :)

David James

Anyone know where I can find the 12 inch version of "How Many Rivers" ??
I guess it was on the Japanese reissue, but that's a tough one to track down...

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