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July 09, 2008



'Delighted' to see the Ventoux pic - it brings back the pain! No doubt you're glued to the stages-as am I - and an interesting tracklist...the Bee Gees! On yer bike Alistair!


How about Gianni Bugno Wheels by Tramway or Virenque by Isar 12?
All the best,



I'm not familiar with the Isar 12 track. Is it full of EPO? Gianni Bugno Wheels would be great if it weren't by Tramway... I'm afraid I always struggled enormously with Tramway. They singularly failed to set this house ablaze. Thinking about it, of course I really ought to play something by Mont Ventoux. Though their best cut 'next summer we'll have even more fun' would surely be much better suited to the early September show i have planned... then again, 'Valerie' would fit perfectly next to the Appliance track.

And yes! The Bee Gees! 'Idea' is a glorious record.


What a coincidence. I am guest in a german radio-show on sunday and will play the song by Isar 12 there. The show is from 3-4 pm (German time) and you can catch the livestream here: Maybe you manage to listen to it before your own show starts.
Other songs played will be by Felt, Handsomeboy Technique, Chris Montez and CityLights.
And maybe "Up the hill and down the slope" by the Loft.
By the way, The Virenque-Song is not only full of EPO, but also full of samples by Daniel Mangeas.

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