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June 21, 2008


Kevin Pearce

No it's not stating the obvious at all. I think the Kinks' '70s work is criminally overlooked. By me as much as by anyone else. But at the same time it's been great relatively recently to come across the gems on Preservation, Showbiz, Muswell Hillbillies etc. I suppose it goes against the grain of a received notion that the pre-punk '70s were rubbish to heap praise on the Kinks, but some of Ray Davies' work from this time is fantastic. There are some very bleak, cynical songs. How can anyone not like stuff like Sweet Lady Genevieve? It's beautiful. I suppose we should give Weller more credit for flying the Kinks' flag when it was hardly fashionable to do so. Sitting In The Midday Sun is a brilliant song, if maybe a little too close to home at the moment, but hey ho. Now where's that patio chair ....

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