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June 21, 2008



Oh, I like this! This is my home town you are writing about, and beautifully too!


thanks for the kind words about this entry Joakim. I was a bit unsure
about the piece, as it is full of references to books etc which I am
not sure everyone will get. Not sure if that is important either, but
there you go... it's kind of what the whole piece is 'about'. Is it
true that the Martin Book series of books is somewhat 'populist' in
Sweden? Some of my Swedish friends were very dismissive when i said i
was reading them. I love them though, they seem like very good period
pieces with some biting social commentary. So yes, there is a lot of
Martin Beck in that piece i think... plus a giant nod to Patrice
Chaplin and a Spanish proverb in the final paragraph :)


I think the reason for the general attitude towards the Martin Beck-books is the series of films that were made during the first half of the 00s. They are mostly well and truly horrible and populist. Embarrasingly must confess I haven't read the books myself. I have however read another one of Per Wahlöös "solo efforts", which was brilliant.

I don't suppose you can get Göran Häggs "Välfärdsåren" ("The Wellfare Years") in translation, but if you're seriously interested in how Sweden became the "soft socialist" wonder state after wwII consider this highly recommended, and - here's finally the point - Göran Hägg thinks Sjövall Wahlöös Martin Beck-books are among the best literary portrayals of the Swedish wellfare state, even compared to the more high brow attempts.

Have you never been to Malmö then? You really should come and see the bridge and Ribersborg and the rest of it!

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