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May 28, 2008



'Easy as sin' is indeed a prime candidate for 'Backed with' - at the moment it's just ahead of 'On my mind' from the 'Night and day' single for Cherry Red. You've saved me from embarrassment if I do go for it, as I was unaware of the version sung by Ben on the flipside of 'Angel' until you mentioned it.

Talking of Cherry Red, have you heard about their 'Perfect Unpop: Peel Show hits and long lost lo-fi favourites' compilation? Not only are they appropriating the ethos of your blog, but it's also suspiciously filled with groups which have recently had work reissued on one or another of their various imprints...


I don't know how many of those great old EBTG b-sides made it to digital format. The album reissues I have seen do not seem to have any such extras on them. Another contender would be 'Heaven Help Me' from the flip to 'When All's Well' - a real broody stormer of a track.

Yeah, I Saw that 'Perfect Unpop' collection. I have no idea if the title is just a strange synchronicity or some kind of appropriation. Same with the Grayson Perry's 'Unpopular Culture' show at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea. I don't suppose anyone, least of all me, can claim to have any kind of ownership of two words going together... but still... it's kind of annoying, particularly as the thought of any association with Perry makes me shiver. And not in a good way. He'd probably think much the same. Anyway, I think I borrowed the idea from an old Julie Burchill book where she was taking swipes at indie-whingers... There's nothing new, is there?


thanks a million for this, ally (where you ever called that?!).
that's half a pop education, and the best mix i've seen you do i must say.

i love "abandon ship" too! didn't know anything about it, just heard it on the sandwich and a sweater tape. what's the story behind that tape anyway? it's one of the best pop compilations out there, and includes one of MY all-time faves too: "blushing girl, nervous smile" by the wallfowers. otherwise a doomed track, due to the band name and suspiciously sexist lyrics like "twist your body so i can touch you where i want to"... lots of scottish stuff on that tape :)


I have to say I agree with your friend Alan that the Ben vocal version of Easy As Sin is the better one. Unfortunately, my 12" vinyl version of Angel is long since gone and I'd love to get my hands on another copy to rip Easy As Sin (Version) to mp3. If you know anyone who has a copy, it'd be great if you let me know.


Wow, this is one heck of a collection. I love Grimsey, and I've just begun to listen to these gems and I Love what I hear. THANKS so much.


You have made me very very happy. I have longed for years to find catapults 'sink me', and here it is.

Consider yourself one of my 'people to buy beers for'.


Always happy to be on a list of 'people to have beer bought for' :) Let me know if you need the other tracks from the Catapult 12".

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