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April 10, 2008


Doug Belshaw

First of all, thank you very much for calling mine an 'excellent' blog! :-)

I agree with you- I don't usually look forward to the new term but I've genuinely enjoyed being in the classroom this week.


Good for you Alistair - this is a puerile ad which reflects the inability of its 'makers' to tackle anything other than an easy target - wonder what they do for a living.Sorry to slip into meldrewish spleen but 'vaguely cross' hardly does it justice! Off to iPoddig the garden!


It's an interesting thing - as you know I've plenty of teachers in my family, I used to work in the education sector (though not as any kind of educator) and now I work in the City. I read complaints like the one you linked and have two immediate reactions: firstly I'm "it doesn't seem to be that bad for the teachers I know - what are you doing wrong?" and then I'm all "do you think it's less hard for people who do other things"?

And then I feel like an idiot because ultimately I think I support them: we should all be working less hard, we should all be supporting each others' attempts to work less hard. Down with productivity!

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