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January 04, 2008



Unlike previous Anderson films, I find it keeps coming back to me - not so much scenes but the sense of it. It was the chap who said that it is brilliant but does strain the patience of even an Anderson fan by its glacial pace. We've both got the soundtrack now and I was playing it compulsively whilst writing a story set on a long train journey because it just worked to create that sense of travel/journey.

I think if the Beatles had made a film in 1967, especially with Richard Lester, like they were contracted to do (instead of making Yellow Submarine) then it would have tried to be something like this. It's an impression added to by Jason Schwartzman's 'tashe (very George) and bare feet with a suit(Paul on the Abbey Road cover).

The chap also points out things like after the village scenes they stop taking medicines all the time, or that they are absolutely the same people at the end, just that they aren't fighting (themselves or each other) any more. So it starts with one brother running for the train and ends with the three of them running together.

I like the Murray sequence: it sets up the situation so well and, well, it's Murray looking harassed which is always funny.

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