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January 28, 2008



By the way, I didn't join the discussion because I thought I could convince anyone. It was a vote of confidence for Roque more than anything else.

Plus, I had an essay to write, and I can procrastinate like nobody's business...


Oh i didn't think that you did join the discussion for that reason, and i felt that the whole 'a-z' approach took it outside of the 'argument'/'discussion' form anyway (but what happened to 't'?!). I just kinda feel bored with the need to define anything within the music sphere - be it 'indiepop' or anything else. Doesn't mean I won't be classifying things madly for the rest of my life, but ah, in the end it's all nonsense really and like i say, it's the kisses you'll remember in the end... And those moments transcend the music. Always have, always will.

As for procrastination, well, i'm pretty adept at that myself :)

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