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January 11, 2008


Bart (Belgium)

Hi Alistair,

So you were there to ?! I had come over especially from Belgium for the night.
If I'd known you were there too (and if I would have recognized you) I would have come over to talk to you cause as you know I have been a very avid reader of Tangents and I do love all your writings.
Not sure I totally agree on the gig review though (hahaha).
I did really like the School (but Liz confessed to me afterwards that they didn't do nearly enough rehearsing for the gig), but it could be because I have lived with some of their songs for quite a while now ("valentine" being my favourite) and I do love Liz as a frontwoman cause she reminds me a bit of Lauren from Kenickie.
I felt the Would-be-Goods were a bit of a letdown, not due to their own fault I must add. The sound was indeed quite bad and what is a Would-be-Goods song if you can't hear those delicious lyrics ? Oh well, next time ...
As for Club 8, I thought they were brilliant. Ok, you could be right,their quiet sweet sound is probably more suited to daydreaming in your own bedroom (which I have done many a times), but I still enjoyed them a lot. Loved the more accoustic version of "missing you" right at the end. And the album is so beautiful, it's been on repeat since the gig ...
Did manage to have a little chat with Johan afterwards and he was really really nice.
I also chatted to the guy from the Sound of Arrows, the latest signing on Labrador records. Going on the short clip they have of one of their songs on their myspace page they are going to be really really special (they are big fans of Saint Etienne too which of course puts them in my good books, cause I adore the Etiennes, always have done since day one !)
Oh, I don't know, I might not be very objective in my review of the gig, but I was in indiepop heaven. Last year was a horrible year on a personal level for me (and I almost stopped dreaming), and this was just the start of a brilliant new year that I needed.
I really am the boy who couldn't stop dreaming ...


Bart (from Belgium).

ps : thanks for showing me in the direction of the Poems album. I really like it. Who'd have thought it of Bobby Bluebell (only jokin', I always thought the Bluebells were unjustly maligned by the music press and it's a pitty the only song of theirs I didn't really like was their only huge hit)

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